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 Focused Investment Criteria

The businesses we acquire operate in diverse markets, but share common characteristics:

  • Market leadership
  • Unusual and hard to replicate business models
  • Opportunities to achieve channel dominance
  • A history of profitability
  • High returns on sales and investment
  • Low fixed overhead
  • Identifiable opportunities for growth
  • Management teams interested in partnering with Bitcoin Investment Inc.

  • We are also interested in investing in successful companies undergoing management transition, that may be overleveraged or require growth equity.

    Investment criteria checklist:

  • Revenues of $5 million and above
  • Operating history of at least 2 years
  • Either currently profitable or realistically within 12 months of achieving profitability
  • A diverse customer base
  • Proven product or service

  • In addition, we are looking for:

    Strong Management
    We evaluate the experience, commitment and ability of the management team to ensure they are the right team with which to partner.

    We like to work with co-investors to mitigate risk and create a greater access to capital. We also view the management team as co-investors and believe that management should have a financial interest in the Company.

    Proven Offering
    We seek out companies with an established customer base, who offer a product or service with a clear, recognizable value proposition or point of differentiation. The reality or potential of both industry leadership and high gross margin are a key element to our assessment of the opportunity.

    We enter into these partnerships with an exit strategy of 4 -7 years in place.


    Investment Strategy

  • Partner with management teams to create equity value through superior strategic and operating performance
  • Situations we seek may include one or more of the following:
  • •Consolidation strategy
    • Globalization strategy

    • Operational improvement

    • Rapid growth potential

    • Strategic refinement or redirection

    • Industries in flux

    • New management or supplement existing

    • Distressed situations

    • Complex transaction structures



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